Who We Are

Florida Contractors With Seasoned Experience

With over two decades of quality service in the construction and demolition industry, our team of experts at Demolition Kings are fully trained and prepared to meet even your most challenging project needs.

We are dedicated to providing quality selective demolition, complete building demolition, pool demolition, and concrete demolition services to all of South Florida. At Demolition Kings, we continuously meet the needs of our client projects regardless of scope, size, or complexity across various industries.

Every single member of the Demo Kings team is a full W-2 employee—trained and insured by our licensed lead contractor.” Update to read “Every single member of the Demo Kings team is a full W-2 employee with appropriate safety training and supervision. Additionally, our company is licensed and insured in every city we work in.

Professional and Reliable Services

The simple truth is, removing a highly sensitive section from your home or business can be a stressful endeavor. It’s easy to break stuff, but it takes an expert eye to dismantle an area of your building without disrupting your daily work. Demolition Kings is on a mission to help you keep moving forward.

Stucco removal project in Naples, Florida
Our demolition teams stay focused on your end goal. After all, your demolition project is about making something NEW—not just knocking a few walls down. So, our project isn’t done until you’ve got a clean canvas to start with.

The Demo Kings Difference

If quality, safety, and hassle-free services are important to you, then you might be a good fit for a Demolition Kings project.
Our crews are fully licensed, certified, and trained in-house as W-2 employees. Many demolition contractors hire new workers every week, but we invested in building a core group of seasoned professionals who have decades of experience in demolition. That means our team can operate more efficiently, and safely, than demolition companies who are thrown together last-minute.

Let's Give You a Clean Canvas!

We’re committed to providing our clients with cost-effective and timely demolition services—and that starts with your custom demolition plan. Contact us for a clear cost projection on your demolition project.

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