Mid-Construction Cleaning Service

Mid-Construction Site Cleaning in Southwest Florida

Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Naples, etc.

The simple truth is that nothing will slow down your construction project faster than a sub-contractor who leaves a mess behind. 

Your mid-construction cleaning is critical for keeping your project timeline on pace. Your drywall team can’t work around plumbing debris, and your roofing crew can’t get the job done if your driveway is blocked by 2×4 scraps and plywood. Demolition Kings offers comprehensive construction clean-up and debris removal across Southwest Florida, and we’re prepared to meet your job’s unique needs. 

A clean worksite is an efficient worksite. An efficient worksite helps you get more work done, with fewer headaches.

You already put in the hard work to bring your project to life, don’t lose momentum during the handoff between the various subcontractors working on your project.

The Demo Kings Difference

If quality, safety, and hassle-free services are important to you, then you might be a good fit for a Demolition Kings project.
Our crews are fully licensed, certified, and trained in-house as W-2 employees. Many demolition contractors hire new workers every week, but we invested in building a core group of seasoned professionals who have decades of experience in demolition. That means our team can operate more efficiently, and safely, than demolition companies who are thrown together last-minute.

Commercial Construction Sites

Residential Construction Sites

Why is Mid-Construction Cleaning Important?

Clearing up a construction site is a tricky job that only experts should handle. A detailed cleanup is necessary before moving into a newly constructed house or building. Obviously, you can’t operate in a place full of dirt, dust, debris, and trash. There are a lot of advantages of a professional cleanup after construction, especially if you are planning to rent out the building or house after completion.

Most general contractors aren’t equipped to efficiently deal with the clean-up phase. So, you’re going to need a more cost-efficient approach than simply filling up a few dump truck loads with renovation debris.

Let's Get Your Project Done, Stress-free.

Our mid-construction cleaning team takes intentional steps to stay focused on your end goal. After all, your project is really about making something NEW—not just filling up a few dump trucks. So, our project isn’t done until you’ve got a clean canvas to start with.

The Demolition Kings Process

Survey & Preparation

Every construction cleaning project begins with a thorough inspection of the job site. Our detailed action plan keeps everything running smoothly.


Then, our cleaning crews get to work. We begin dismantling your building or section and watch for any structural weaknesses that arise along the way. 


Once your worksite is done, we clean your site and provide debris removal so that you’re ready to start fresh on your next steps.

Our Service Area

We’re based in Port Charlotte and provide mid-construction cleaning throughout Southwest Florida, including the following counties: 

Lee, Collier, Hendry, Glades, Charlotte, Highlands, DeSoto, Hardee, Sarasota, Manatee, Monroe, Hillsborough

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We’re committed to providing our clients with cost-effective mid-construction cleaning services—and that starts with your custom project plan. Contact us via this form or at (239)292-9190 to get a clear cost projection.

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