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Ready to experience the safest and highest quality demolition services in Sanibel? 

Look no further than Demolition Kings — your trusted experts for all types of demolition services! We provide selective demolition, complete building demolition and everything in between. Our team regularly works with residential and commercial projects on Sanibel and Captiva. Plus, we take care of all leftover materials post demolition so you don’t have to lift a finger. 

Our highly experienced employees are known for their attention to detail and expertise, making sure every project is finished right. 

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Some of Our Recent Work

It’s hard to find experienced selective demolition contractors in South Florida, but we take pride in excelling in challenging environments. Here are some examples of our recent projects:

Interior Demolition in Sanibel

Interior demolition is the process of carefully dismantling parts of a building’s interior. This is where our demolition company shines. Our experienced team can help you remove walls, flooring, ceilings, or even the top floor of your building—without demolishing the entire structure. It’s crucial to follow a proven selective demolition process to remove interior components while preserving existing elements that may be reused.

Need help tackling a selective demolition project at your Sanibel home or business? Look no further than our selective demolition services. Talk to us today and learn how we can help with your renovation project.

Floor Removal | Wall RemovalI

Residentional Demolition

Florida residential selective demolition

Residential demolition is the process of tearing down existing homes and structures in order to make room for new projects. If you’re planning to renovate your home in the Sanibel area, then you want to find a demolition team with extensive experience in home renovations. The process typically involves careful planning, as well as specialized equipment and personnel to ensure a safe and efficient demolition. 

Commercial Demolition

If you’re like most property owners we work with, you can’t shut down your active operations every time you want to improve your building.

Demolition Kings is experienced in the demolition of all types of commercial buildings, including hotels, warehouses, office buildings, and retail stores. Our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to safely demolish structures while minimizing disruption to surrounding businesses or residences. In the past year, we have successfully removed an elevator, opened a malfunctioning bank vault (with permission), and renovated countless medical offices without disturbing daily operations.

Emergency Storm Demolition

complete building demolition in florida

Remember Hurricane Ian? It was a rough time for all of us, but Demo Kings was ready to go with work permits in hand.

When a hurricane or other storm causes extensive damage to your home or business, it can be a stressful time. Hurricane Ian was a sober reminder to us all that storm cleanup is a big job—but you don’t have to do it alone.

We specialize in emergency storm demolition services that will ensure that any damaged structures are removed quickly and safely. Our experienced team will assess the situation, determine what needs to be done, and provide you with an effective plan of action.

Complete Building Demolition in Sanibel & Captiva

The simple truth is that complete building demolition is a major undertaking that requires special attention.

The process of demolition involves the tearing down of existing structures and clearing away debris to make way for new construction or renovation projects. Our Demolition Kings team understands the complexities of demolishing a building safely and efficiently—and we make sure every project site is ready to go for the new structure.

wall shoring at florida home

Sanibel Exterior Demolition

wall shoring at florida home

Exterior demolition is the process of tearing down and removing the exterior of a building, such as walls, roofs, and other components. It’s typically done in order to prepare a structure for further construction or remodeling. Demo Kings provides experienced and reliable exterior demolition services that are tailored to meet your needs. 

Our crews can handle all sorts of exterior demolition safely and swiftly. So, you can make sure your building keeps up with current aesthetic trends—without losing structural integrity. 

Stucco Removal | Roof Removal 

The Demolition Process

Survey & Preparation

Every demolition project begins with a thorough inspection of the job site. Our detailed action plan keeps everything running smoothly.


Then, our demolition contractors get to work. We begin dismantling your building or section and watch for any structural weaknesses that arise along the way. 


Once your demo work is done, we clean your site and provide debris removal so that you’re ready to start fresh on your next steps.

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We’re committed to providing our clients with cost-effective and timely demolition services—and that starts with your custom demolition plan. Contact us via this form or at (239)292-9190 to get a clear demolition cost projection.

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